Hello, Here’s an introduction.

Hello, Here’s an introduction.

Hi there. I’m Dennis. Welcome to my site.  Here’s a quick introduction:

I’m a father of 7 and grandfather to 1. I currently live in Dequincy Louisiana and am married to my best friend and partner in crime. The title of father was actually my inspiration for photography. As an adult, I realized that I didn’t have many photo memories and I decided that as a father that it was my responsibility to ensure my kids lives were documented and preserved for future generations. I’ll be the first to admit my early photos were horrible. I didn’t know much about photography and the nice expensive camera was confusing.

Fast forward 10 or so years and I’ve dedicated myself to leaning how to take photos and operate my camera. I’ve learned things like the exposure triangle, depth of field and composition rules. In the recent past, I’ve transitioned from an available light photographer, someone who only uses available light in their photos, to using flash to create light were needed.

Now photography has seemingly become an addiction and I enjoy it so much that I can hardly get enough. I’ve spent many countless hours behind the camera and am still loving every second of it.

If you are interested in booking a session, contact me via email, phone or text at 337-318-6051, or by following the link below. 




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