Hi there. I’m Dennis. Above all, I’m a father and grandfather. I live in Dequincy Louisiana and though I wasn’t born here, I’ve come to love this little town. As a local sports photographer and a parent with kids in school, I spend a fair amount of time photographing the Dequincy Tigers at all levels from little league to high school. When I first moved here, I thought this would be a temporary stop. Over the years, I truly feel as this community has become my community.  As is commonly said around here, once a Tiger, always a Tiger and I truly feel that way. 

Being a father was my initial inspiration for photography. I’ll be the first to admit my early photos were horrible. I didn’t know much about photography, but I felt there was something there. Fast forward 10 or so years and I’ve grown so much in my ability and continue to love the art of photography.

As my skill has grown, photography has changed from hobby to business. Nonetheless, I remain extremely passionate about photography. Whether a photo is personal or for a client, I strive to create the best images I can. At this point, I’ve spent many countless hours behind the camera, watching photography related YouTube content, networking with other professionals, and building my kit. I love every second of it.

In recent years, my photographic journey has led to many exciting opportunities both locally and nationally. 

If you are interested in more information or booking a session, contact me via email, or text at 337-317-6051.

Happy Snapping, 

Dennis Duval


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